The Worst Picture

We investigate the photographic failure, that error raised to the maximum power, the disaster must be such, as to be considered your worst photograph.

Is there a formal structure or is it a conceptual problem? Can we determine a truth about ‘the worst’ or is it a matter of subjective judgment?

We are not only talking about technique, the criterion of the worst is an issue linked to many other concepts and areas.

This is simply a pretext, an excuse to talk about photography, so let’s talk.


“The worst picture” is a research project about the image that explores the concept of “the worst”. We try to divulge the different expressive areas of the most serious photographic failure, as well as all philosophical reflections on the medium that underlies these ideas of “the worst picture”.

We do not aspire to have the key answer, but if we want to get as close as possible to the veiled ins and outs of photography, that place where questions, doubts and thoughts are formulated. Approaching the line that separates the abyss where we determine that failure goes much further than that.

We are continually exposed to the power of the image, photographs have become an essential part of our life. We consider it necessary to investigate this medium that radiates towards all possible areas but we will do it from a perspective antagonistic to the orthodoxy that governs the photographic functioning.

We want to generate links and connections through workshops, interviews and seminars that reflect on these ideas and thus be able to bring together the largest number of voices both image professionals and people outside the field. The goal is for this research to be as plural and heterogeneous as possible. We are interested in your criteria, send us your worst photograph to the following email lapeorfoto@masterfotografí

In the La Posta Showcase you can see the development of the project, its progress and contributions. Each sample will have new material and new proposals for participation. This is an open process, participate in it!

This research is an initiative of Meritxell Ahicart and Javier Sánchez, and has the organizational support of the Master in Photography, Art and Technique of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, and with the collaboration of La Posta Foundation.