Presentation of CONCRETA dedicated to Cinema to come

Within the programming of the VI edition of Cinema to come, presentation of the monographic issue of CONCRETA dedicated to Cinema to come + screening of Umbracle by Pere Portabella at the Filmoteca (the film library), Thursday, November 29 at 8pm.

They invited us to publish a number of the magazine Concreta and we extended the invitation to people, groups and projects that have accompanied us in recent years, and others who did it from the thought and reflection, proposing fissures and displacements to the more conventional image. This week we will present her publicly with Pere Portabella, Sofia Asencio (who will be taking the film elsewhere in a workshop – performance) and the publishers of Concreta, Nuria Enguita and Laura Vallés. We will also project Umbracle (Pere Portabella) and This is not a movie (Jafar Panahi).


Presentation of Concreta 12 with Pere Portabella, Nuria Enguita/ Concreta, Sonia Martínez/ Cinema to come and Sofia Asencio/ Societat Doctor Alonso

…a number of Concrete or a film in process to be read or a meeting place or relations, interferences and worlds from, and with the cinema…

Concrete 12 are: Pere Portabella, Miguel Angel Baixauli, Sonia Martinez, Vicente Ponce, Natalia Marín, Christine Buci-Glucksmann, Patricia Pisters, Andrés Duque, Álvaro de los Ángeles, Glauber Rocha, Manuel Asín, Daniel Pitarch, Daniela Ortiz, The Weightless , Isabel de Naverán, Christa Blümlinger, Ana Carvalho, Fabio Costa Menezes, Vicent Carelli and Tita, Chus Domínguez, Belén Sola and Societat Doctor Alonso.

Christopher Lee


Umbracle (1972), 85 min – Pere Portabella.

Portabella makes Christopher Lee wander through a dream Barcelona in a film that is articulated on two fundamental axes: the investigation of cinematographic modes of representation and the critical image of Franco’s Spain.

* From 22:30 we will celebrate in the Splendini Bar.

Umbracle - Portabella