Transforms Workshop: Cinema to come

Following the trail of the Publics to Come action, which had its first edition the previous year at La Posta Foundation, a practical workshop is proposed, aimed at anyone interested in meeting with others from a perspective of collaboration, discussion and mutual exchange. The approach and contents of the workshop will focus on the process, understanding both the group itself and the events that will be taking place in the building where the Municipal Youth Center “Algirós” is located (Campoamor Street, 91).

We will collectively develop one or more film documents related to the space of the Young Center of Campoamor, we will carry out sessions of contextualization and work with public, as well as viewing of the materials that are generated and debates about them.

Miguel Ángel Baixauli, filmmaker and popular educator, and Sonia Martínez, a cultural worker, co-lead the Cinema to come project and will be responsible for imparting this workshop. Within the framework of the Publics to Come action, collaborators have been added to the project, some of whom will participate in the workshop.