Urko Gato in La Posta

Urko’s ability to represent their personal experiences through songs, videos, performances, images and other models of artistic creations, fits perfectly with the defense of art as a field of action for social improvement, something advocated here. In reviewing the artistic works of Urko that are available online check their effort to live in a free form, we appreciate your courage to face excessively rigid codes that prevent him maneuver, and understand that their struggle continues in the academic world, combining reflection theoretical as a critical form of theoretically soak your artistic creations. Urko is able to explain complex issues in a simple way, with frankness and sincerity that prints a path full of obstacles and difficulties. He explains his approach with greater spontaneity and freshness is the same that transmit their artistic actions.

Ricard Huerta

“Educación artística, derechos humanos y diversidad sexual”

in Educación Artística y Diversidad Sexual, Ricard Huerta and Amparo Alonso-Sanz (eds.), Universitat de València, 2015.


Urko Cat acting on Foundation La Posta on July 14, 2016, in the framework of the exhibition “Museari: Aesthetics of Sexual Diversity”, and the delivery of MUSEARI 2016 awards to organizations and persons working in favor of the trans collective and generally LGBT.

On the screen one of his work: “Gender Dysphuria”, with photographs of Irene Nine and music and text Urko Cat.


Museari: Aesthetics of Sexual Diversity