Action Files. Collective self-production of Cinema to come

“The first thing to note here is that insofar as the identity of a postconceptual work is not tied to any particular materialization, but rather to the temporally open totality of its materializations, in reflective relation to its idea, it has an immanently constructive and procesual carácter. Each materialization ―and the boundaries of what is included in the work are porous― becomes at once a documentation of the work and a set of materials for a subsequent presentation of the work. In this respect, the work includes its own documentation and, to the extent that it proliferates and its materializations are collected, its own archive as well”.

Peter Osborne, “Archive as Afterlife and Life of Art”

Last December 22, the documentation of the Cinema to come workshops of 2018 was presented in La Posta, with the title “Exhibition documentation of the Cinema to come workshops”. With this event, a process of recovery, archiving and exhibition of the collective audiovisual documents that the project has produced since its inception in 2013 began.

The exhibition “Action Files” presents audiovisual materials (auto)produced in workshops and activities developed in the last four editions of the Cinema to come project, from 2015 to 2018. The focus is on audiovisual materials from the “Action” section of Cinema to come, dedicated to workshops and formative activities of creation and reflection.

program 1 – main projector

  • Visual Coloniality – 2015, 21 min
  • Audiovisual essay from the workshop and conversations with María Ruido
  • Staging – 2015, 25 min
  • Audiovisual rehearsal from the workshop with Javier Rebollo
  • The strategy of the grass – 2016, 42 min
  • Thoughtful dialogue on political cinema and film politics

program 2

  • Shooting – 2015, 29 min
  • Audiovisual piece that collects readings and collective improvisations in the workshop with Javier Rebollo
  • Polymorphic file – 2017, 12 min
  • Audiovisual record of a collective and polymorphic script, from a workshop with Pilar Monsell
  • Deviations from the cinema or this is not (already) a movie – 2018, 10 min
  • An attempt to approach other possibilities of cinema, from a workshop of the Cinema to come team

program 3

  • Nazareth – 2017, 17 min
  • A filmic drift through the visible and invisible borders of the neighborhood of Nazareth, from a workshop with Chus Domínguez and the Cinema to come team
  • Take the film elsewhere – 2018, 11 min
  • Deconstruction of a film or film performance from Sans toit ni loi by Agnés Varda, workshop with Sofía Asencio
  • Choreography – 2018, 3 min
  • An audiovisual choreography from the workshop Deviations from the cinema or this is not (already) a film with the Cinema to come team


On the opening day, January 25, we will also show works from participants in the workshops, Paula Giménez Monar and Luis López Casero, with the aim of sharing processes and enabling spaces for exchange and reflection.

18: 30h Screening of “Before things like that” by Paula Giménez Monar (recently the film has been seen in Alcances Cádiz – Documentary Film Festival).

20h Sound installation – performance of Luis López Casero from the sound of the movie Massacre: come and see Elem Klimov.

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