Files in Fugue (intro)

In this exhibition the latest works by three artists emerging are grouped, three girls and “peripheral” women (Nicoleta Moise and Paula Onet born in Romania, Lamia Mohacht in Morocco) that address from diverse perspectives and temporalities certain possibilities of subversion and reformulation of specific and very close to their own experience visual files.

Three ways to make art in dialogue with each other, displacing the borders of their respective files, and from the questioning of historicity itself, show that reinvent those files is an effective way of re-appropriation of the present.


If gender, sex and body are social and historical constructions, the means of production of their visual archives are the instruments of art and technology (the meaning of which meets in the Greek word techne). In this sense -and not only in this- artistic tools become political devices.

The historical use of the arts in power strategies, semantic and pragmatic displacements in the historicity of the media, as well as their technical and sociological mutations have been historically producing configurating images of our present, instituting the active production of our existence “esthetic”. Sedimented in cumulative strata, it consists in time the visual record of what we are. Past, present and future come together in this ontological file, in the context of ubiquitous saturated and trans beautification of our time are given.

Faced with the historical constructions of the image file, new forms of subjectivity and production of existence are possible in contemporary forms of reappropriation, recreation and reinvention of a particular file historically produced. In each reconfiguration of the existing file, new possibilities of life emerge as unreleased realities for our present.

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“I am not entirely happy unless I am here, in my country”

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