Bots, heteronorm and dissidence

Within the framework of Felipe Rivas San Martín’s exhibition “Sexual Data”, a conversation between Felipe Rivas and Valentina Henríquez “Bots, heteronorm and dissidence”. A review of the point where two research projects are in progress, by two artists fully dedicated to experimentation.

Valentina Henríquez is an old acquaintance from La Posta. He was with us in the framework of the exhibition “Suspended Places”, organized by the LABi 2019 team (a project in collaboration between the Master in Photography, Art and Technique UPV and La Posta Foundation), and among the parallel activities we were able to enjoy the work of sound art by Valentina Henriquez “Antonella looks for a flat”, on gentrification in the Benimaclet neighborhood, through the compilation of handwritten advertisements that pretend to be private buyers of flats, as well as the audios, recordings of telephone conversations after call the numbers on those posters, which often end up being real estate agents and not individuals.

Now in La Posta in dialogue with Felipe Rivas, to refer, among other issues, to his book “Internet, mon amour: queer/cuir infections between digital and material”, and works of artivism that are at the origin of the artistic biography of Felipe Rivas, as well as the research project that is at the base of “Sexual Data”, and other questions that are part of the thesis directed by Juan Vicente Aliaga that he will read in the coming months at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. From Valentina Henríquez you can read “The Chilean post-dictatorship documentary and the performative dimension of audiovisual language in the political conflict”, published in ResearchGate, you can see here.


Sexual Data