Teaching and participation in La Posta Foundation

It is foundational goal of La Posta Foundation research and dissemination of contemporary art. Closely related research is teaching. Educational activities have been high throughout the 2014-2015 season, as evident organizing conferences on the occasion of the opening of the exhibition; seminars, etc. In this moment of reflection summer it seems appropriate to give a brief summary of what happened in this section.

First we must refer to the conference held on the occasion of the opening of the exhibition “The Invisible Resistance of everyday life”: “Part one Reify” and “Part two Equivoque”. Lectures by Juan Fabuel, curator of such exhibitions, which participated in the first of these artists Be Andr and Regina de Miguel, and the second professor of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Valencia Maria Jose Martinez de Pison (who she is also a trustee of La Posta Foundation). Special emphasis was placed on the impact it has on the artistic production of the phenomenon of offshoring artistic, often separated from their places of origin have to choose to integrate into their new communities or be suspended in internationality and globality of profiles doubtful. This applies to all the artists involved in the project: Regina de Miguel, Be Andr, Aitor Lajarín and Kim Schoen.

The second of those conferences are recorded and can see and hear on this web here.

That research and teaching vocation has also been seen in the development of the program “In the limits”, coordinated by Miguel Angel Baixauli. A program consisting of two parts with its own peculiarities. The first one held during the month of May has been about Processual Cinema seminar taught by Miguel Angel Baixauli, with the participation of Maria Jose Martinez de Pison, which has included the conference Miguel Morey on the scene in Nietzsche and “The Birth of Tragedy”. Sponsored by the Master of Visual Arts and Multimedia of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, he sought to turn the exhibition space of La Posta Foundation in a classroom in which to share knowledge and work on audiovisual they were all one, with the participation of a group of people stripped of their statutes teacher and student agree to a new status of participants in the production of film project “Seeing is not speaking” in progress. To that end, La Posta became a “film set” the day of the conference Miguel Morey, in order to record it for later incorporation to the said film. Moreover, this first part of “In the limits” display included a set of audiovisual made by current and former students of the Master of Visual Arts and Multimedia UPV, up to a total of nine works, which could be seen in three batches. Works of Lucia Montero, Yas, Art Group Manusamo & Bzika, Germán Torres, Patricia Cadavid, Alejandra Bueno, Juan Carlos Rosa Casasola and Nacarid Lopez. An important part of this works can be seen on this website, in the Media section – Screening.

Closely linked to the teaching ―understood in the terms that it has become referenced―, one must refer to the participation of attendees at activities sponsored by Cinema to Come, they were developed in La Posta Foundation, including production audiovisual on display. This was a central issue in the second part of “In the limits”: “Public to come”. Participation is seen as the very essence of a film activities, taking advantage of the new audiovisual technologies converts production work traditionally strongly structured according Fordist and Taylorist principles, in a collaborative work. “In the limits Part 2: Public to come,” developed during the month of June, taking foot in the latest edition of Cinema to Come held between February and March 2015 in Las Naves, disclose works make in these sessions or for the occasion in La Posta by: Rosa Esteso, Pau Berga, Octavio Guerra, David Cantarero Tomas, Alvaro Yebra, Alfonso Legaz, Lola Bataller Alberola, Paula Gimenez, Mabel Fuentes, Pepa L. Poquet and Damià Jordà (plus photographs Mario Zamora).

Concerns about new ways creative work is organized, it has been also see the participation of La Posta Foundation at the conference “Assertions and contradictions in participatory processes”, held at the Faculty of Fine Arts Valencia and La Posta Foundation, organized by Mijo Miquel (Department of Sculpture), Polytechnic University of Valencia, with the participation of Miguel Angel Baixauli, David Estal, La Dula Estudi and Letra Salvaje.