Marcel van Eeden, between the plastic arts, film and videogames

Marcel van Eeden’s drawings are characterized by the use of visual resources taken from the cinema, mainly from the aesthetics of film noir and in general classical cinema. Although, in a kind of return to the medium from which he obtains his images, in recent times he has launched into the production of moving images. But, he is doing it in a state-of-the-art medium such as the production of games, which we cannot qualify as video-games, given their non-digital visual presentation, on the contrary, easily identifiable with analog aesthetics.

It could be said that it is animation, raised from the artistic field, made available to the user of the game so that they can manipulate it from their console. It is for this reason, to build bridges or propose approaches between disciplines such as art and cinema, or post-cinema, and not only in terms of sharing technological resources, but, and this is more important, visual concepts, which is why that we bring it to SCREENING within the La Posta Foundation website, as a result of browsing the net in search of jobs in line with La Posta’s approach that contribute to identifying ourselves.

Marcel van Eeden