Presentation of the book Playing Culture in the framework of the exhibition Game[in]g Problems

La Posta Foundation presents next Friday, April 8, the book Playing Culture, the video game as a cultural object, in an act in which Vicente Javier Pérez Valero, co-editor and coordinator of the book, and Damià Jordà, curator of the exhibition Game[ in]g Problems and author of one of the chapters, and video game developers Beatriz Olcina and Juan Peralta Donate, as guests to discuss the consideration of video games as an object of cultural and artistic value.

Playing Culture is a free volume, published by La Posta Foundation publishing house, which as a catalog reasons and compiles the works exhibited in the exhibition project Game[in]g Problems ―on display until April 16― created by the Massiva research group, belonging to the Center for Research in Arts of the Miguel Hernández University (CÍA-UMH).

But beyond that, it reflects on the importance of video games as a cultural legacy and, therefore, the need for proper consideration and preservation policy, which has pushed the authors to create a much more complete volume with up to 11 chapters that have international guest signatures ―such as Thibault Philippette and Maude Bonenfant, who present and develop the concept of Media Ludology―, as well as researchers from the CÍA-UMH.

The presentation act will be completed with a round table to which two prominent actors from the Valencian video game scene have been invited to participate. This is Beatriz Olcina, CEO of Bomnis Games and creator of the video game “My Granny Lala and Me”. Olcina is also a film director and producer, as well as a voice actress in audiovisuals and video games. Juan Peralta Donate, CEO of Flynn’s Arcade and professor at Florida University, will also participate.

You can read the book here: