Crossdressing is Resisting

Being part of a historically excluded group, such as the LGBTI community, allowed me to understand that in the field of the enforceability of rights there is a resource that is continuously plundered and destroyed: the symbolic imaginary; who conquers it, has managed to gain a large part of the ground, thus, art becomes a strategy and the body becomes a tool.

Of that, and at least for this moment, I highlight the self-representation, the file and the interpersonal relationships, as the pillars of my work; they satiate a constant need for self-recognition and a desire for belonging. The devices I use are the ones that best adapt to the circumstances and the context, but photography will be among them the most recurrent, not only because of a fragile memory, but also because it allows me to face my present with my past, and so on I can glimpse my future.

The work of Gledys Macias is part of the exhibition “Museari Queer Art”, the result of collaboration with Museari. Imaginary Museum (from June 13 to July 17, 2018). It is offered here the viewing of the video performance of Gledys Macias “Travestirse es Resistirse”.