Defective Look

“Defective Look” is a 4-minute essay that talks about insecurity, treated from a very personal point of view, a journey of self-knowledge. Starting from personal anecdotes, she spins and starts a reflection, almost like a game, that ends up talking fully about the subject in question, using voiceover as a resource and backbone. To do this, I use an anecdote directly linked to blindness and I compare it with the incapacity caused by insecurity.

The essay begins with two facts: diagnosis by the ophthalmologist (who determines that I have been seeing with poorly tinted glasses and that my dioptres are more than I thought) and the breakage of my camera (the focus is broken). The relationship of both events is the starting point.

Regarding the requirements required by the subject, I have decided to do without still-image. The reason is that I consider that they would not accompany the rhythm of the composition. I couldn’t think of a shot to integrate it within 4 minutes. My intention was to create constantly moving shapes playing with focus.