Against the tide processes: Inner Nature in glocal dialogue

“Against the tide processes: Inner Nature in glocal dialogue” is an exhibition that includes the third edition of INNER NATURE, from the different formulations that it has taken in the local contexts that have received the sample throughout 2017 and 2018.

The exhibition project for La Posta Foundation presents the works of the 12 selected artists, together with the documentation of the proposals that have been made throughout their itinerancy. The objective is to reflect on some of the main issues related to water in a context of climate change from a broad and diverse perspective. This project articulates local elements and global problems from the possibilities offered by video art in dialogue with other disciplines.

The sample includes the following works:

  • “A Virtual Guided Tour in the Aegean Sea”, Ronnie Karfiol
  • “River in Flood”, Johanna Reich
  • “The Weather Forecast”, Roosje Verschoor
  • “Menú Nuclear”, Lucía Loren y Juanma Valentín
  • “Disappearing Streams”, Nobina Gupta
  • “The Story of Water”, Pat van Boeckel
  • “Sea Change”, Anna Day
  • “Lifetide”, Despina Economopoulou
  • “New Lands”, Antonia Bañados
  • “Water Makes Life Possible on Earth”, Kim Jin Kook
  • “Equilibrar (To Balance)”, Clare Charnley & Patricia Acevedo
  • “River Text”, Hugh Livingston


Friday, October 19

19: 00h- Presentation of the exhibition. José Albelda (UPV), Guillem Cervera (La Posta Foundation), Lorena Rodríguez Mattalía (UPV).

19.20h- Local processes of the INNER NATURE project. Estela López de Frutos (UPV), Chiara Sgaramella (UPV) and Virginia López (PACA).

19.30h- Round table: “Art and ecology: dialogues around water”. Francesc La Roca (New Culture of Water Foundation) and Lucía Loren (Interdisciplinary artist). Moderator: José Albelda (UPV).

Friday, October 26

19.00h- Presentation of “Against the tide”, shows the selected works in the video art and ecology workshop. Miguel Ángel Baixauli (La Posta Foundation), Estela López de Frutos (UPV), Lorena Rodríguez Mattalía (UPV), José Albelda (UPV).