Far from beliefs in gods and ways of organizing the universe, there are times when rituals come to light and accompany your psychology in order to put in order the stability of your personality and your priorities.

RITual is a reflective video about the meaning of the image in rituals and beliefs that can emerge in humans in key or extreme situations.

Collect fragments of very intimate conversations with a family member who is present thanks to photography. This thread of conversation is what generates the path of reflection in the images, and the link that was generated with photography is what gave rise to the reflection.

It is an answer to What is the sense of producing images in a world already plagued by them?

The video is generated with archival material and key phrases (both text and audio) that have been collected as an archive of family customs and sayings (Cortés Otero family).

The image is edited seeking its maximum plasticity through textures games in order to give rise to free interpretation. Symbology has been drawn in the resulting images that everyone can understand in the way that is closest to them.

My references are mainly graphic novels. CENIT by María Medem, for the subtlety in the presentation of spaces and contact with them; HIDDEN by Laura Pérez, for the theme about parallel worlds; and WE ARE ALL WELL by Ana Penyas, for her expressiveness and treatment of the memory of our elders.

These have helped illustrate the work on the most plastic level, but ANNE CHARLOTTE ROBERTSON’s Five year diary (1981) has been very present at the audiovisual reference level, where she collects very intimate reflections on his concerns and fears, especially towards the death.