Miguel Ángel Baixauli. Director.

Filmmaker, independent researcher and curator. Visiting Professor in the Master of Visual Arts and Multimedia and in the Master of Artistic Production of the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV). He is also director of the PROCESSUAL CINEMA research project, co-director of the journeys of CINEMA TO COME and director of the documentary archive of Bombas Gens Art Center. Guest editor of the magazine CONCRETA 12 and regular collaborator of the LAAV_ (Laboratory of Experimental Audiovisual Anthropology) of the MUSAC, he has also been editor and corrector of the book Cinematographies of Africa. An encounter with its protagonists, by Guadalupe Arensburg (2010). He has made three feature films: Seeing is not talking (2016) and Sol de Amparaes (2014), for the project Processual Cinema, and Times of water (2009, award for the best documentary at the 30th Mediterranean Film Festival). He participated in “Artxiviu de l'Horta” from its foundation until 2017 (and where he directed the documentary series Waiting for Water), in Comboi a la fresca (2011), in La Calderería (2012) and in many popular education projects. He has curated several exhibitions at La Posta Foundation since 2015. In 2018, together with Vicente Ponce, he was in charge of the program Images on images for Bombas Gens Art Center. As an artist, he participated in 2018 in the exhibition Guesdon yesterday, Valencia today, curated by David Estal and Helena de las Heras. He has also collaborated with various performing arts companies as a visual artist and made numerous documentary medium-length films.

Anaïs Florin. Collaborator.

Visual artist. Born in Cannes (France) and currently residing in Valencia, she graduated in Advertising and PR by the Universitat d'Alacant, Specialist in Contemporary Art by the Superior Institute of Art of Madrid, University Expert in E-Commerce and Community Management by The Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, graduated in Fine Arts by the Polytechnic University of Valencia and currently student of the Master of Artistic Production at the same University. She was part of the organizing committee of Comboi a la Fresca, Encounters of Collective Architectures (Valencia 2011), founding member of Solar Corona as well as La Calderería. Her artistic practice is mainly in the field of ephemeral intervention in urban spaces.

Ali Atrees Maderuelo. Collaborator.

Ali A. Maderuelo (Valencia, 1993). Visual artist, editor and independent curator resident in Valencia. Graduated in Audiovisual Communication from the Polytechnic University of Valencia and Master in Photography, Art and Technique from the same center. Since 2015 he has been a member of the Carne Press editorial group. He develops curatorial projects among which are the Human Zoos. Ethnic Freaks exhibition with Julia Castelló, with which he forms Agency 17, and ethnological exhibitions with Hasan G. López at the Valencian Museum of Ethnology (2017). Recently Agency 17 they have been curators of the exhibition Can not Speak for Itself at La Casa Encendida (Madrid), within the Inéditos 2018 contest. Since that year, it has been part of Cinema to come.

Damià Jordà. Collaborator.

Visual artist specializing in the new narrative, expository and instalation video forms, and multimedia projects. For years coordinates Screens. Itinerant exhibition of video-creation, activity developed with the support of Ministry of Culture within the program Promotion of Contemporary Spanish Art 2011, has been seen in Barcelona, Belfast, Buenos Aires, Invorio (Italy) and Hanoi (Vietnam).