Collectives in the white cube (intro)

Wrote the German filmmaker Hito Steyerl that “today, political films are no longer screened in factories but in museums or galleries, at art spaces. That is, in other white cube “. (1)

From La Posta Foundation, although it may seem contradictory, we take care of this statement and from this reflection that raises Steyerl present our exhibition “Collectives in the White Cube“. We put our little white cube in the center of Valencia in the service of a series of film proposals that could well be exhibited in factories (some did), although “the traditional Fordist factory is gone largely as such.” (2) We do this because, despite the appearance of museum space, our goal is to move away from the idea of holding the contemplative art that many institutions have become in the sector to try to direct our activity into an area of critical debate.

For this we turn to four collective signatures, four names that hide the people who run his work from his private life discretion. In a world that is increasingly greater tendency to personalism, the idea of the artist as a “work of art in itself,” portraits pretty face care sometimes illustrated catalogs. Because as stated in his letter the Italian collective Wu Ming (literally anonymous in Chinese), the use of a pseudonym can be interpreted as a rejection of the machine-celebrity, in which assembly the author becomes a star . (3)


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