Alejandro Chust. Director's Assistant.

Alejandro Chust (Valencia, 1994) is an art historian graduated from the Complutense University of Madrid and a professional specializing in Cultural Heritage from the University of Valencia.

In the academic field he has developed research works such as “Architectural Typologies in Cabanyal” or “Modernism in Madrid”. In the professional field he has participated in cultural management projects. He has collaborated with Fundación La Posta in the curatorship of the exhibition “Catalan Scenes: Cockpit” by Frau Diamanda / Héctor Acuña.

Among his interests are architecture and urban planning, queer theories as social construction and social movements and anthropological currents in a context of effective transformation of society.

Sara Maria Rodriguez, collaborator

Sara María Rodríguez, peruvian artist residing in Valencia, Master in Photography, Art and Technique (Polytechnic University of Valencia 2021), social communicator (University of Lima, 2007), studied Fashion Photography (Espacio Buenos Aires 2015) in addition to having studied various workshops with artists such as Eugenio Recuenco, David Trullo, Félix Hernández among others.

Her interest in photography begins when she discovers conceptual photography as a means of expression. She has held exhibitions of her personal projects in various cultural centers, galleries in Lima and abroad: Centro Cultural La Noche: "Diario Personal" (2009), "Late la Noche" (2009 and 2010); Anama Art Gallery: "Fragments"; Image Center: "Photosynthesis" (2011); Gallery Room 58: “Woman” (2014); Bazarte de Fundación Euroidiomas: collective 2015, Fundación Euroidiomas “Solazar” (2016 individual); University of Lima "Family Portraits" (2017); Exhibition The Naughty Show (2017 - Miami). Advertising and fashion photos of her have been published in magazines nationwide (Sara María Rodríguez Photography). She is also the representative of the 33:22 Collective and a member of the sustainable fashion agency Hookuphoto.

Anaïs Florin. Collaborator.

Visual artist. Born in Cannes (France) and currently residing in Valencia, she graduated in Advertising and PR by the Universitat d'Alacant, Specialist in Contemporary Art by the Superior Institute of Art of Madrid, University Expert in E-Commerce and Community Management by The Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, graduated in Fine Arts by the Polytechnic University of Valencia and currently student of the Master of Artistic Production at the same University. She was part of the organizing committee of Comboi a la Fresca, Encounters of Collective Architectures (Valencia 2011), founding member of Solar Corona as well as La Calderería. Her artistic practice is mainly in the field of ephemeral intervention in urban spaces.

Ali Atrees Maderuelo. Collaborator.

Alí A. Maderuelo (Valencia, 1993). Artista visual, editora y comisaria independiente residente en Valencia. Licenciada en Comunicación Audiovisual por la Universidad Politécnica de Valencia y Máster en Fotografía, Arte y Técnica por el mismo centro. Desde 2015 es miembro del grupo editorial Carne Press. Desarrolla proyectos curatoriales entre los que se encuentran los Zoos Humanos. exposición Ethnic Freaks con Julia Castelló, con la que forma Agencia 17, y exposiciones etnológicas con Hasan G. López en el Museo Valenciano de Etnología (2017). Recientemente Agency 17 han sido comisarios de la exposición Can't Speak for Itself en La Casa Encendida (Madrid), dentro del certamen Inéditos 2018. Desde ese año forma parte de Cinema to come.