Bodies in Fight

Within the section Reflection Spaces of FICAE International Festival of Short Films and Art on Diseases, with the format CONVERSA(C)TIONS, the case of the BODIES IN FIGHT workshop is presented.

BODIES IN FIGHT is a critical and complex approach to the experience of the disease, which attends to the multiple levels that this experience covers. This is not only the medical factors (and at the expense of everything else), but also the emotional, relational and social factors that come into play when we get sick. To this end, we have worked with associations of patients and groups of patients through artistic practice. It is in the conviction that artistic practice and creation are ideal means to critically and innovatively approach the experience of the disease. In BODIES IN FIGHT the patient, through writing or the visual arts, integrates his illness into a broader horizon than the one offered by medicine and will be able to relate to those elements (loneliness, pain, frustration, identity problem, etc.) that are traditionally excluded. In this way, the patient goes from being a passive subject, a “patient”, to an active subject, with the capacity to intervene on the course of his illness and at the same time on the course of his life. The workshop BODIES IN FIGHT was offered for the first time within a set of activities that under the same name included lectures, meetings and an exhibition, which took place in Las Naves CCC of Valencia, in January-February 2017.

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