Seminar on Processual Cinema

From a movie that Miguel Ángel Baixauli being done with Miguel Morey, called Seeing is not talking, at this seminar we will make a public exhibition experience this film process. In the first session Miguel Morey give a talk which will be filmed for inclusion in the film, and the next day Miguel Ángel Baixauli and María José Martínez de Pisón will present the theoretical framework of processual cinema” and the practical arrangements that are being put in work in this collaboration.

DATES of accomplishment: from 19 to 20 May.

HOURS: 11 to 13h

PLACE: La Posta Foundation, Calle Pintor Fillol, 2 (Barrio del Carmen). Valencia.

Admission free to fill seats.

in the limits La Posta Foundation

Master AVM Polytechnic University of Valencia


In the limits (part 1)