La Posta Foundation accredited by SBB Nederland for the training of students of the MBO Utrecht Event Academie

La Posta Foundation has been accredited by the SBB Cooperation Organization for Vocational Education, Training and the Labor Market ―the Dutch government body that oversees the practices of Dutch students abroad― to receive interns who will follow training programs, the present case from MBO Utrecht Event Academie.

Event Academie of MBO Utrecht, located in Bontekoelaan, 1, 3526 RA Utrecht [], is one of the 13 academies that are part of MBO Utrecht. It is a small school of events ―characterized by a personalized treatment with the student―, although it is the most important one in the Netherlands. Share the building with the Herman Brood Academie of music, in an environment of inspiration for the arts. In addition, Event Academie of MBO Utrecht collaborates with NGOs in Africa, such as the collaboration with Respo International and DIRES House of Sport in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, for the development of the Get Up & Move Somebody program, to finance a new sports and play bus with which SPAT sports trainers with disabilities use a minibus for various schools for children with disabilities to receive sports classes. In these projects the students and companies and entities that collaborate in the training programs of the MBO Utrecht Event Academie students are involved.

In Event Academie of MBO Utrecht, to access the possibility of developing internships abroad, the students of the school must be chosen by it according to their qualifications, in which case, they can choose their destination from a wide range of possibilities. From now La Posta Foundation is part of those possibilities.