Take the movie to another part. The final day

Within the workshop “Take the film to another part” that Sofia Asencio directed from November 27 to December 1 (between the Carmen Contemporary Culture Center and La Posta), a “film-performance” was announced for the final day of a certain mystery, because the possibility of participating in it was allowed independently of the rest of the workshop; only one condition: we had to remain attentive to the screen to know the meeting point, which turned out to be, as it was announced 24 hours earlier, on Pluton CC (C/ En Plom, 5), at dusk (that now falls very soon), seeking darkness as cinephiles have always done, the moment when the projected light reaches all its intensity.

Everything started a few days before at the CCCC facilities, exactly in the Counterforts room ―the one that announced the new direction of the Center as the one destined to artistic and cultural activities with social objectives―. We like the Counterforts room very much, because it looks like a backstage (on the other side the Refectory). But the creation was going to happen outside, in the street, in the neighborhood of El Carmen. You can see images up on the carousel.

It was about dividing a film into fragments and deciding in which places those fragments were projected; and from there let the imagination fly and reflect on what was happening and its implications, how images are experienced, how they are transformed and transformed us, and how they affect the space, which in this case is public or communal, and in the relationships that are established in it. The film chosen was “Sans toit ni loi” (Vagabond), by Agnès Varda with Sandrine Bonnaire, the film itself is a series of episodes, told through different landscapes of Nimes (France), tells the story of Mona, a vagabond you will find dead in winter and then, in a long flashback, we will know its history. You can see a kind of trailer here.

Sans toit ni loi

This activity or exhibition (we are working intensely on the definition of this new format), has been one of the highlights of the VI edition of Cinema to come, this 2018. Thanks to the collaboration with the Center of Carmen, and taking advantage of the momentum offered by the magazine CONCRETA to Cinema to come by dedicating a monographic issue, which was presented at the Filmoteca precisely in the middle of the workshop “Take the movie to another part”, on Thursday, November 29. As Sonia Martínez, co-director of Cinema to come, said at the time of the presentation of this issue of CONCRETA, before the screening of Pere Portabella’s film “Umbracle” (1972): “the magazine has given us a gift by offering us the opportunity to rethink Cinema to come”. And here are the results.




Take the movie to another part