Look Voyeur

Identity, memory and consumption are the issues that arise in the “Look Voyeur” performance of the WDC group that will be held next Wednesday, 12 at 8 pm at La Posta Foundation, within the framework of the exhibition “museari poetics: art and provocation from sexual diversity”, which takes place between 06-18-2017 and 07-16-2017, and in which Pepe Romero participates with the work: “Memories: collage 1″, 93×104 cm, collage.

The WDC group formed by: Walker Citizen (Elia Torrecilla), Damian von Rosemarín (Pepe Romero) and Camomille de Rodríguez (Almudena Millán), of the Laboratory of Intermediate Creations, Department of Sculpture, Polytechnic University of Valencia, have been working since 2015 “Unobserved Actions”, heirs of the “Street Works” The sixties in NY, are spontaneous and imperceptible performances that constitute poetic microrrelates immersed in the everyday and in which it interacts with the citizens and the environment.