Efficient organisms

Individual Osteopathy Sessions (1h/session)

Tuesday, February 22 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at La Posta Foundation. Image Research Laboratory

Within the framework of the exhibition “Do you know how to dispose of a body? V”

“The works of M Reme Silvestre are based on ideas or concrete facts and are nourished by the complexity of the processes in order to let go elsewhere. The context and the moment are an essential part for the artist who seeks to generate an immersive atmosphere for each of her pieces, giving the materials a new scale of readings. By understanding his work as a constant task of discovery, he transports us as spectators to that tense and confused space where things appear to be something that they really are not and gives us the opportunity to question whether this aesthetic that surrounds us is a true reflection of positivity or a skillful trompe l’oeil”.

Guijarro, D.: “We have no idea how lucky we are”, Contemporary Art of the Generalitat Valenciana IV [Catalogue], Consortium of Museums of the Valencian Community, Valencia, 2021.


Do you know how to dispose of a body? V