Workshop “Color Tuning”

On Sunday, February 4 at 11:00 h “Color Tuning” workshop, oriented to work openly way with the community through the methodology created by Arno Stern, with the intention of creating spaces for the free expression of the individual and promoting the playful creation through painting.

In the space of La Posta Foundation the walls will be completely covered with paper, so each attendee will have a personal space within the canvas that can be unlimited according to the needs of each one. In the center of the room will be located the table-palette, this is the meeting space between the participants to share materials, brushes and colors.

This activity will be guided by Tamara Guerrero, who will accompany the attendees leading the process and creating a space in which to experiment, providing a place where participants can work both individually and collectively.

The activity will be free under previous registration by sending an email to

Tamara Guerrero Mechó she studied Social Work, dedicating himself for ten years to it. Subsequently, he became interested in free pedagogies in education, participating in an active way in three projects of this type over six years. For the past year, she has been developing the Color Tuning activity, within the focus of education, creative through painting, inspired by the Arno Stern model, at the La Pina Submarina Arts Center, located in the Benimaclet neighborhood of Valencia.

LABi is a project of the Master in Photography of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, in collaboration with La Posta Foundation, coordinated by a team of students. It is a space for experimentation and research into new ways of studying and understanding the image, in connection with the needs of citizens.

LABi Coordination:

  • Paloma Sagüez

    Rodolfo Muñoz

    Clara Broseta Zamorano


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