The spoil illuminates our cities

For the first time, La Posta Fundation shows an artistic project that works with electric light on public roads, altering the contents of the arcades that illuminate our cities in these dates of consumerist frenzy. A realization by Beatriz Millón.

Under the slogans of “development” or “progress” we assist the dispossession and destruction of our territories, privatizing and commercializing natural assets. The dispossession was the forced migration of our grandparents for the creation of large hydroelectric plants and the destruction of ecosystems. It is the energy monopoly in the global south that perpetuates colonial practices. It is the loss of life in the face of neoliberal interests. It is the cost of our energy: that moves our cars, charges our phones, lights our streets or allows us to be reading these phrases right now.

The spoil illuminates our cities is an artistic project, of a public nature, which aims to generate questions about the origin of our energy and the problems caused by extractivism.

The intervention can be visited during the Christmas holidays, coinciding with the period of more energy waste and capital in our State.

In addition, documents and vestiges of Beatriz Millón’s previous interventions that allow contextualizing her work will be displayed in the La Posta showcase.

The lights will be on from 6:00 p.m. to 12:00 p.m., from December 21 to January 6.

Lighting on Saturday, December 21 at 8:00 p.m.

Beatriz Millón (Valencia, 1992) Visual artist and researcher, currently resides in Mexico City from where she directs the independent publishing house Roza y Quema and collaborates with various organizations that work for the defense of the territory.

His work addresses and reformulates the socio-cultural relations of the human being and his environment. Through the analysis and collaboration between different agents, it activates projects that use different languages and strategies to make visible body-territorial problems that have their origin in the current models of relationship, production and consumption.

His work has been shown in festivals, exhibitions and international meetings, to highlight: PROJECTOR, 11th International Video Art Festival (Casa de América, Madrid); YICCA 2018 (HDLU Prsten Gallery, Zagreb); Fricciones BIENAL SUR (National Museum of Art of Bolivia and CABA Cultural Center Paco Urondo, Buenos Aires); The City will follow you (MUSAC, León); Fragments in the Current (Border Cultural Center, Mexico City); + CODE 2018 Electronic Art Festival (San Martín Cultural Center, Buenos Aires); Month of Performance Art (Zentrüm Fur Kunst und Urbanistik, Berlin); Experience # 9 (Wolfart Project Spaces, Rotterdam); The Face of the Earth (Space Pla Center of digital art, Buenos Aires); Transitio_Mx (CENART, Mexico City); Ecocide (CEART, Madrid); Between crinkles (Palazzio Montevecchio, Turin).


“The spoil illuminates our cities” and the public art