The Poison







  • The curtain has just been lifted.
  • It sounds a very sweet music of invisible violins.
  • The stage shines with the light of hundreds of chandeliers.
  • And the main actor dressed in ceremony prepares to make a dramatic entry
  • What a sublime moment this awaits
  • What great anxiety can be concentrated in these few seconds that precede the first parliament.

The Poison is that things look alike.

Not the brew that kills, but the antidote to the evidence that contemplates his death and allows the thing new meanings.

The log that is annulled, the stone,

(the body),

the dance that is installed.

The Poison is an essay or a filmic experience that is articulated between substitutable images, specific and performative images.

(Who has put this here?)

A current dialogue that occupies the file and the action.

A video essay dissertation that wants to justify the presence of something somewhere and is dropped in the space of La Posta Foundation to act it.

A triangle that asks you. A trick,

This one:

with a six and a four I make the face of you portrait.

An ode to The Poison of the theater of Rodolf Sirera and a way to defend the simple from a gear that is complex.


With the bodies of An Wei, Judith Adataberna, Mayra Moran, Luis Lechosa, Marisabel Arias and the collaboration of Victor Villavicencio and Tirador Studio.

pero calemos,

os espectadores temos que ficar quedos nos asentos respectemos todos os ritos


temos que gardar silencio

esta noite é unha noite de estrea

e a función vai comezar agora mesmo

  • but calm down,
  • the spectators we have to stay still in the seats we respect all the rites
  • let’s call
  • we have to keep silent
  • Tonight is a premiere night.
  • and the function is going to start right now

From June 7 to 10.
Thursday, June 7 opening from 20:00
Friday – Saturday from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Sunday from 11:00 to 14:00

The text is by Rodolf Sirera and the translation by Jorge Suarez Quiñones and Eugenia Gomez