“In the abyss of my mind”. The review

On Friday, January 13, 2023, Manuela Trasobares was at La Posta Foundation to celebrate her plastic work, and on the occasion of the recent publication of her book “Will to Power” (Editorial Hidroavión, 2022). After viewing a video showing her work (made by Lola Merchán), Manuela Trasobares answered Alejandro Chust’s questions about the issues raised by her book and her extensive artistic career, and then questions from the public. Manuela was moved remembering her time as a dramatic mezzo-soprano singer in Sofia (Bulgaria), and before her, her childhood in Portlligat with Salvador Dalí. The video that can be seen on our screen includes Manuela Trasobares’s interpretation of Gounod’s “Ave María” in the church of Els Socors de Gérica.


“In the abyss of my mind”. Video & Colloquium