La sonda Pioneer, Irreal Time. The Nature Times, Halfway part1

During the first week of In the limits”, from 6 to 9 May, the works have been seen:

- The probe Pioneer, Yas

- Irreal Time. The Nature Times, the art group Manusamo & Bzika.

Halfway part1, Lucia Montero.

Some of these works have been uploaded by the authors to Internet and are public. Here you can still enjoy them.

The Pioneer probe, Yas. You can see above.

Single-channel video made with telecine material found footage 16mm, 2014.

In the video appears the image of a woman who looks like something out of a homemade science fiction film of Alexander Kluge, and the author asks: “What is the relationship between the Pioneer space probe and the photograph of this unknown woman?“.

The work is based on the use of error, encounter and chance to compose a new narrative using the technique of fortuitous encounters formulated by the Count de Lautréamont in his work “Les chantes de Maldoror”. The well-known Lautréamont comparison “…as the fortuitous encounter, on a dissection table, of a sewing machine and an umbrella”, was one of the premises used by the Surrealists to argue the union of unconnected and discordant realities in which based their works.


Irreal Time. The Nature Times, the art group Manusamo & Bzika

Have collaborated in this video David J. Ferrer, Damian Mora and Carlos Ribera.

Synopsis: We live in a world where we are conditioned by the speed in which the events that surround us happen, speed that increases constantly with the passage of time and the growing technological proliferation. This speed makes us go directly to a society where we do not perceive the changes made slowly around us, making it impossible for a global audience to understand them. We find it interesting to be able to visualize the changes that nature itself undergoes, imperceptible changes for the human eye by the action of time, which we transform into visible through the modification of time, being able to understand how even the most insignificant thing that surrounds us is composed of complex organisms able to interact with each other in very different ways.

You can watch the video Irreal Time. The Nature Times, from the art group Manusamo & Bzika clicking here

Halfway part1, Lucia Montero.

halfway part1, Lucía Montero

From Lucía Montero we found this on your facebook

Estar en silencio por un momento es bueno

“Being silent for a while is good”