museari poetics: art and provocation from sexual diversity

The exhibition “Museari Poetic: Art and Provocation from Sexual Diversity” will be held at Mostra La Ploma/international festival of cinema and culture for sexual, gender and family diversity, organized by the Lambda Collective, shows the exhibition activity during the second year of temporary exhibitions at Museari

The exhibition counts on a piece of each artist of those who have exhibited in the online environment “Museari. Museum of the Imaginari” from June of 2016 until July of 2017: Moisés Mahiques, Joel Mestre, Jose Manuel Guillén, Pepe Romero, Maribel Doménech, Daniel Tejero, Abel Azcona, Anna Ruiz Sospedra, Giovanni Nardin, Olga Olivera-Tabeni, Alex Flemming, Ana Navarrete and Mar C. Llop.

Around the exhibition is scheduled a series of activities that will take place in La Posta Foundation:

  1. Sunday, June 18, 2017, at 20:00, opening of the exhibition. Performance by the artist Abel Azcona.
  2. Thursday, June 22, 2017, at 20:00, a guided visit with the Lambda Collective.
  3. Thursday, July 6, 2017, at 20:00, a talk with artists, educators, journalists and LGTB activists.
  4. Wednesday, July 12, 2017, at 20:00, “Look Voyeur” performance of the WDC Group, of the Laboratory of Intermediate Creation, Department of Sculpture, Polytechnic University of Valencia.
  5. Sunday, July 16, 2017, at 20:00, celebration of the second anniversary of Museari: Farewell Party, with performances and delivery of the MUSEARI 2017 Awards to:
  • - Carmen Calvo.
  • - Pepe Miralles.
  • - Lambda.

The complete list of works that will be on display is:

  • - Moses Mahiques. “White flight (2)”. Gouache, pencil and ink on paper. 70×100 cm.
  • - Joel Mestre. “Sheath”. “Walden 4″. Photography and mixed media.
  • - José Manuel Guillén Ramón. “Observers and Red Fish”. Collagraph. 56.5×75 cm.
  • - Pepe Romero. “Memories: collage 1″. 93×104 cm. Collage.
  • - Maribel Doménech. “Becoming obscure.” Photography.
  • - Daniel Tejero. “Walking stick”. Photography.
  • - Abel Azcona. “Bed Games”. Photography. 100x70cm. 2015.
  • - Anna Ruiz Sospedra. “Caligula-Venus”. Box object to interact. 40x40x40 cm. About structure of 150 cm.
  • - Giovanni Nardin. “KIU Kid of Urban Concern”. Cut wood and fabric. 60×80 cm.
  • - Olga Olivera-Tabeni. “Black bugada”. 3 pieces of dimensions 140×160 cm. Digital printing on Voile.
  • - Ana Navarrete. “LPRS, 1970-1995″. Audiovisual. 2017.
  • - Alex Flemming. “Untitled. Bodybuilders Series”. Acrylic paint on photo on PVC. 55×75 cm. Image credit: Henrique Luz.
  • - Mar C. Llop. “Identity constructions”. Book printed with photographs.
  • - Ricard Huerta. “Ecce Homo d’après Joan de Joanes. Sèrie Sants de la Meua Devoció”. Acrylic painting on canvas. 81×100 cm.

Look Voyeur. Ex post notes

Some results of the collaboration Museari – La Posta