Documentary Process Orriols Lives Together

This video project delves, following a line of processual and collaborative work, into the problems, struggles and processes of the Orriols Lives Together association. Through the mixture of procedures of the documentary with others of contemporary artistic practice, Orriols Lives Together Documentary Process proposes a discursive space and of interaction with formulas of representation that transcend the characteristics of a specific medium.

In neighborhoods such as Orriols (Valencia), where the association is located, the impact of the crisis is not an abstract idea but a daily problem that reveals an urgency of the common. The Orriols Lives Together association carries out a model of intercultural coexistence and social integration based on the organization and confluence of an amalgam of groups, social organizations and institutions. People who, although very diverse, work together to achieve common goals and demonstrate, that the most humble and dispossessed people, if organized, can face the problems on their own.

Orriols Lives Together Documentary Process presents the work carried out by Orriols Lives Together association as an exemplary model of the new forms of collective production that have appeared throughout the Spanish state since 2011, democratic searches that obey the political rationality of the common and that oppose the Neoliberal logic.

How do platforms or groups such as Orriols Lives Together association guide the aspirations of citizenship change in new ways of life? How can we, through a video project, relate to a collective and contribute to its mission? How can we articulate participatory strategies with its members?