House of Bent Gala: A Touch of Pink

The queer art collective La Erreria (House of Bent) presents a playful-festive celebration to mark its 9th anniversary with the Graham Bell Tornado performance “Bent Love”.

Dress-code: A touch of pink. Dressing up and any type of drag is highly encouraged.

La Erreria (House of Bent) is a transnational collective based in Spain dedicated to queer and outsider art. Their eclectic and experimental practise includes collaborative processes, performance, film & video-art, music, body sculpture and literature. Their main interests are (trans)gender, ecology and feminism.

The core of the group are Anna Maria Staiano and Graham Bell Tornado who, inspired by the concept of the Museum-House, in 2009 opened up their town-house in Xativa, as La Erreria (House of Bent) art-space hosting exhibitions, performances, concerts and guided tours of the gallery as well as their domestic space. Exhibitions held include: The World of Rampova Kabaret, IntroVersion by Almudena López and the group show Eco-Gender.

Nevertheless, the main focus of La Erreria’s activities is in the expanded field of the live arts.

Their events and performances mix a camp sense of humour with biting social commentary. Ongoing participatory ceremonies such as The Coronation, How to Heal…, P.I.N.Q. Park, are generally led by Graham´s alter ego, the transgender shaman Geyserbird, who invites participants to create queer rituals with a contemporary relevance which celebrate diversity in all its forms ―biological, sexual and cultural.

Anna Maria designs sensory pieces based on gender, masquerade, transformation and play, which aim to alter symbolic imagery and sensory experience through interaction and are often employed in their performances and films.

La Erreria is also a sui generis publishing house and has published limited edition handmade catalogues of their exhibitions, artist publications and queerzines. Anna Maria´s trans-disciplinary practice is the focus of the photo-novella Transexpace and the book Impure, a collaboration with a host of queer/trans/feminist artists, performers, photographers, writers, curators and activists.