Woman Being

This weekend, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, in the La Posta Showcase “The Woman Being”.

The Woman Being project arises as a result of an insistent event whose subject still needs to be much discussed: what is it to be a woman? “Women Being”, beyond these two words that make up the fact, be a woman as a whole, resistant since the beginning of time.

The definition of a woman is undoubtedly a definition as open as that of love or art, immersed in chaos and condemned by its very nature. With this project we do not want to find that definition and nail it in a dictionary. Anna Karénina said it already: I think there are as many brains as there are heads and as many kinds of love as there are hearts. In the same way there are as many definitions of this word as there are women, because only a woman has the right to define herself.

For the elaboration of this project, various women from different parts of the world, from different professional fields, women who have contact with photography and women who are completely foreign to it, will be asked to answer the question “What is being a woman?” Through the photographic medium.

With the compilation of these photographs a sample will be made in the showcase of La Posta Foundation, in full view of all. A sample that is not created to be exhibited inside a room, gallery or museum, which is not limited to an elitist audience, but wants to reach an audience as varied as that of the authors.