Workshop “Assertions and contradictions in participatory processes”

Saturday, May 9 in La Posta Foundation, second day of theoretical and practical workshop “Assertions and contradictions in participatory processes” in which the foundations, doubts and contradictions of such participation is addressed as conceived and applied at present. The first day was held at the Faculty of Fine Arts. Organized by Mijo Miquel (Department of Sculpture), Polytechnic University of Valencia. With the participation of Miguel Angel Baixauli (“Instituting practices and Monster Institutions“), David Estal (Fiction and folklore of participation“), Mijo Miquel (“Against participation“), the Dula Estudi, by Lluís Benlloch (“Processes and methodologies of participation: approaches, settings and limits) and Wild Lyrics, by Victor Navarrete (Sacralization, rationalization and secularization of urban space). In La Posta Foundation will be held a short introduction to dynamic participatory groups and implementation groups in the same neighborhood of Carmen, for which a mapping, audiovisual drifts in the neighborhood, walking thoughts and interviews will be carried out. Upon returning, sharing of activities, results and conclusions.

They will attend Carmelo Gabaldon Jose Juan Martinez, Maria De Las Elas, Migue Martinez Garcia, Alvaro de los Angeles, Alfonso Legaz, Anna Campos Climent, Oscar Mora and 17 more friends.