Workshops and making of “Facing them”

How would I like to see myself portrayed? What image do I want to project or represent of myself for other people to see?

Photographic workshop aimed at women who seeks to develop biographies and testimonials self-portraits that allow expressing the concerns and life stories that each participant considers necessary to make visible. Through the review of artists, the dialogue of our own personal experiences and visual exercises, an imaginary will be developed that will allow us to make a self-portrait that represents us. What would I like to say? How do i want to be seen?

A sample will be made with the images resulting from the workshop, which will help to make visible ideas, needs and / or problems that each one has, as well as the diversity of possible identities. That sample is now in the “24 square shelves” (inside La Posta) as 24 frames per second in the cinema.


Facing them

Facing them. The video interviews