Facing them. The video interviews

“The «effect» that [the work of art] produces is not achieved when the receiver finds its meaning, but when having to look for meanings that fill its indeterminacy, the receiver experiences his own life” [Ricardo Sánchez Ortiz de Urbina “Reception of the work of art”, in History of aesthetic ideas and contemporary artistic theories, Vol. II, p. 225].

The set of images on display that form the project “Facing them” with Muslim women from Valencia, force the recipient to put their life experience at stake, to inquire inside what is their own meaning in relation to what is watching.

The “Facing them” project consists of photography workshops, exhibition, photo booth, making of, testimony book and video interviews. We can continue watching video interviews on La Posta Foundation website. An accomplishment of the team of La Posta and Karol Hincapié.

Thanks to the women participants: Oulaya Mourad, Hawa Bamba, Zaynab Balovi and Ikram Lelaalhe.


Facing them

Workshops and making of “Facing them”