The project INTER><FERENCE proposes the development of a collective process of investigation and intermediate artistic creation around the concept of interference. Concept that alludes to crossings or interpositions between roads or actions, that provoke disturbances or changes of trajectories, affecting each other. The interferences question the established order, incorporating the unforeseen in the process. In the present project, interference is understood as an activating element of constructive transformations.

Through the activation of small disruptive actions, a collective process is proposed to cross over perspectives on the nature and potentialities of the image-sound-space-action articulation. Special attention is paid to the media and their mediations, from a transmedia and intermediate approach that also invites the participation of the public.

The exhibition can be visited on December 16 and 17 from 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm. On Saturday, the 16th, at 7:00 pm there will be a meeting-chat with the members of the IAM-Lab group in which they will share the keys of the process and questions about their lines of artistic research.

This project is linked to several of the research lines of the IAM-Lab group, such as intermediate, audiovisual and sound research, research into collaborative processes of artistic creation, and the experimentation of Art Based Research methodologies.

Project designed and carried out by the members of the IAM-Lab Research Group (UMH): Teresa Marín García (coord.), José Maldonado Gómez, Rocío Villalonga Campos, Eduardo Marín Sánchez, Elisa Lozano Chiarlones, Patricia Escario Jover and Bernabé Gómez.

Blog of the IAM-Lab Research Group (Miguel Hernández University, Altea):