Exspiravit Mundi

As usual at Fundación La Posta, when audiovisual works are shown, once the exhibition is over in the room (in this case through a QR code), we extend the enjoyment by offering viewing through our website.

As in the best fairground theater, raised to an ekkyklema: «Ladies and gentlemen, watch and be surprised by “Exspiravit Mundi” from the VidyaLab collective (Iván Albalate and David Trujillo)».



“Exspiravit Mundi” is the result of research carried out at the La Posta Foundation on November 5, 2022 and which is based on the research of Friedrich Jürgenson. It is part of the exhibition of the VidyaLab collective (Iván Albalate and David Trujillo) entitled “Daimonic Encounters”, a commitment to go beyond the manifest through the recovery of traditional techniques from the field of the paranormal, using the exhibition space as a field of action, they make contact with the invisible of the place and testify through audio and image everything that remains hidden to us from the most basic human perceptions. Thus, in this exhibition we are going to find mainly a site-specific Installation that will be in La Posta (Valencia) from Thursday, November 17, 2022 from 7:00 p.m., when it will be inaugurated, until the 23rd of that same month. This installation, entitled “Duo et duo adde usque at tres”, reconstructs the moment of capturing the acoustic and visual signals taken on November 5 in the La Posta space itself, through a closed circuit television with a television 21-inch flat tube and sony hi-8 video camera. In addition, the exhibition is completed with a photograph entitled “Inventum Memoria”, which brings together all the moments photographed during the process of documentation and capture of energies in the form of audiovisual signals. And a video art entitled “Medium tempus” where the psychoimages captured by the system devised by Schrieber are displayed, but slowed down to appreciate the results obtained on a 42-inch Led television.

“Daimonic Encounters” is the first episode of the series Stranger Than We Think. Speculative and Imaginary Media from the MAAP [Media Art and Artistic Practice] Research Group of the Miguel Hernández University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Altea campus.





Stranger Than We Think. Speculative and imaginary media