I Stay I Remain, Luz, Infección

During the second week of In the limitsof 13 to 16 May have been the work:

- I Stay I Remain, Alejandra Bueno.

- Light, Germán Torres

- Infection, Patricia Cadavid.

Some of these works have been uploaded by the authors to the Internet and are public. Here you can still enjoy them.

I Stay I Remain, Alejandra Bueno, top.

Light, Germán Torres de Huertas.

Telecined found footage 16mm negative printed and perforated.

The premise starting to Light was work only with pieces of 16mm film intervened personally and with the found footage Pepa L. Poquet proposed by the AVM. To which I added that I recorded image performance projector 16 mm.

Several ideas floating on the issue.

First I came to play with the word light, I punched the negative 8mm language morse with a pin manually. Then I sat images. Always thinking in the same light that gives life to the negative to sensitize silver halides helps degrade later.

The proposed footage caught my attention a Maghreb documentary footage and again thought of Light. In which part of the energy we consume it comes to us while oil and gas pipelines crossing the Strait from the Maghreb. And in building western based on external resources. In the video, a voice in English off saying something like: I think Christmas Eve is so nice party”, I did match the input images of people of the Maghreb. Then another replied: I supose so”. They are voices of a book-disk used at that time in the EOI.

Then the bulldozer appears changing textures to the sound of a somewhat severe air basis, it is the audio of my musicalized washing machine. Until the recorded sound of my microwave seems to change her direction and then locks when we heard the electronic echo recorded of a 3D printer.

I also searched in parallel rotate images, and projector start, moving back and slowed between people, or inside the riad. Because that circular light cycle opens and closes in negative film and photography, it is also very present in the imaginary Muslim, in which I immersed myself for most of 2002.

The clip ends with the word LIGHT perforated morse, as an attempt to image-light, the light itself costing destroy.

Germán Torres de Huertas / torresdehuertas@yahoo.es

For see Light of German Torres click here


"Infección", Patricia Cadavid

Infection, Patricia Cadavid


Based on the story by Andres Caicedo, Infection is an audiovisual essay originated from the selection of records from multiple drifts accomplished in cities around the world, revealing feelings, criticism, love and hate, like in them that regardless of their location, share the spirit of the work of Caicedo and are inspired by the poetry of the invisible cities focused on the details that keep common, present and ephemeral relationships in cities, hidden in the eyes of immediacy and condense all cities in one. . . universal.

Web : http://lpcadavid.wix.com/infeccionfilm

To see the trailer of Infection by Patricia Cadavid click here


Images Expo in La Posta Foundation

I stay I remain, Alejandra Bueno Infección, Patricia Cadavid