Silence. The event summary

Last Sunday, October 20, we started with the “Silence” project, a project that Norberto Llopis Segarra will develop in collaboration with Miguel Angel Baixauli and La Posta Foundation in the coming months. In this project a series of activities will be programmed or generated that will deal with the question of silent opposition, of disobedience of writing.

This first introductory activity was intended to be a talk to define the theoretical framework of our project but, in a way, it also ended up being a choreography and an action. The performer delivers a speech, and at the same time, makes one folio, some papers slide, one at a time, blank pages with a slightly different tone, then you can see words written on them, then strokes, drawings, images . In these layers of paper, in these spellings, the viewer can read what is written silently beyond the speech that he also hears directly from the performer. This talk will deal precisely with two ways of understanding the opposition, denial, subversion, from that double perspective: the opposition understood from the perspective of direct action and the opposition understood from what is not done in the action, disobedience silent writing.

From the perspective of the action, the opposition has often been understood as the transgression of a limit, as the exit of a space that limits us. It all depends on an agent, an acting agent, an escaping agent. However, from the perspective of writing, from the perspective of the silence of the text, of the fabric, the question can no longer be raised from an agent that acts, nor understood as an exit, but must be raised from a certain non-action of the text and from a tissue dehiscence. Subversion will be like a knot that is undone or strangled invisibly.

In this conference we wanted to characterize this other mode of opposition or subversion, which does not respond to the visible logic of the stroke or the action ―to the “masculine”―, but to the logic of the background or surface on which the stroke is inscribed, the emptiness of space ―”the feminine”―. From the logic of the inscription surface, things happen in a somewhat different way, they happen in a certain way without happening, like an invisible slip, like a silent crime, without a murderer, or a corpse. From this logic, what ventures, what disobeys, is no longer an agent, a head or a capital, but the insistent writing of an invisible, silent, and acphalous space.

“Silence” by Norberto Llopis. A program in collaboration with Miguel Angel Baixauli and La Posta Foundation within the Variations on the plane cycle of the IVAM Produce programming line.


Silence / Variations on the plane