Morbo Queer / InsuMisa

La Erreria (House of Bent)


Act I: “Morbo Queer” – Anna Maria Staiano

Act II: “InsuMisa” – Graham Bell Tornado


“Morbo Queer” – Exhibition by Anna Maria Staiano – 15 June/15 July 2023.

“Morbo Queer” (translation “Queer Thrills”) is a display of sexual and gender dissidence which shows the subversive nature of queerness, questioning the binary system and hetero/homo-normativity through photography, video, performance and wearable art.

Each series portrays different aspects of queer desire, including fetish and sadomasochistic practices, with an empathetic and complicit gaze that shows the deep personal implication of the artist in the scenes depicted.

The “Ladies Who Lunch” and “Classic Shave” series have been created specifically for this show, whilst other pieces have featured in exhibitions, international LGBTQI+ art festivals and in the artist´s catalogue “Impure”.

The exhibition features collaborations with the photographers: Fabrizio Campisi, Toni Cordero, Martin Kámen, Vic Labadie, Nacho López Ortiz and Ana Wika.


“InsuMisa”* – Participatory choral ceremony in three parts, held on 29th June, 2023 to commemorate the Stonewall Riots which took place the 28th of June 1969 and represent the birth of the LGTBQI+ movement.

Remnants of the action will be exhibited in the gallery, whilst the texts in the songbook will escape its walls, in the form of street art, to infect the neighbourhood as queer propaganda.

First part: Projection of the video art piece “Invocación de las Santas Traviesas” (4 min, 2005) by Graham Bell Tornado. A tribute to outsider and queer artists.

Second part: “InsuMisa” – participatory action based on the vocal expression of slogans used in demonstrations. The basis of this sung choral action is a queer songbook introduced between the covers of a book of Catholic masses, which includes chants from demonstrations alongside eco-trans-feminist songs written for the event.

Third part: “Kuiraoke” – a queer karaoke, hosted by DJ and trans activist Diana DAMG.

*“Insumisa” (translation: disobedient) is a play on words since “misa” in Spanish means religious mass.

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“Morbo Queer / InsuMisa” by Anna Maria Staiano and Graham Bell Tornado: between Eros and Thanatos

InsuMisa [disobedient]