Ecology, the necessary evil

“Ecology, the necessary evil” is a proposal by Serpiente de 2 Cabezas [2 Headed Snake] for Fundación La Posta, with the collaboration of the artist Law Tissot (Brazil). With it we want to propose some questions about the current situation of climate change, raised from a perspective that is close to that of the Brazilian indigenous leader Ailton Krenak and his book “Ideas to postpone the end of the world.”

During the inauguration, the performance “Voices to the wind”, by Serpiente de 2 Cabezas [2 Headed Snake], will be presented. The program also includes the presentation on June 1 of the publication of the I INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH SEMINAR ON THE COASTAL LANDSCAPE IN CONTEMPORARY ART: ethics, ecology and environment; organized by Janice Martins Appel / Luis Alberto Pires; Editora Letra1, Edital CAPES-PAEP 25/2019 (Brazil), which will be given by José Albelda (UPV), and on June 9 a concluding talk in which Cristina Ghetti and Elia Torrecilla, co-adjunct curators of the exhibition “Duas Beiras/Two seashores”, and the artist Mariela Yabo, a participant in that exhibition, which took place simultaneously with the Symposium held at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil), in Valencia at Fantastik Lab.

About Serpiente de 2 Cabezas [2-headed snake]

Serpiente de 2 Cabezas [2-headed snake] is the title of the first collaboration between Janice Martins Appel, visual artist and art professor at the Federal University of Rio Grande (FURG) in Brazil, and Domingo Mestre, visual artist, producer and independent cultural manager. It consisted of an action at the Sessantanove Club in Valencia in which both were tied up and suspended by the shibari artist, Lou between the ropes, with the collaboration of Fabricio Campisi (photography) and Helena Harthman (video). Subsequently, the action was renamed “Dialectic of Colonization” and Serpiente de 2 Cabezas became one of the names used by these two artists to sign their artistic collaborations, especially those in which other invited artists occasionally participate.

Among his best-known works in Spain, we can mention “Gardens in Motion” (Valencia 2016 and 2018; Jerez de la Frontera in 2017), “Jail of love”, with the musical collaboration of VickyLeaks, which could be seen at the La Cárcel de Segovia Cultural Center and at the Intramurs Festival in Valencia in 2017, or the exhibition “Duas Beiras/Two seashores” in which, in addition to both participating as artists, the two share curatorship of this collective exhibition that could be seen at the Fantastik Lab in Valencia in 2021. Currently it is shown on an itinerant basis in different spaces in Brazil, such as the Instituto Cervantes in Porto Alegre or, right now, the Rio Grande Book Fair. More information can be found at


“Entropy Garden under Brahma Grass”

The Tree, the Forest and the 2-Headed Snake

The performance “Voices to the Wind”