Neodymium extraction

Within the program of LABi (Laboratory of thought, creation and diffusion of the image), organized in collaboration with the Master of Photography, Art and Technique of the UPV, they consider the use of 4 spaces: the CUB, the SHOWCASE, the FACADE and INSTAGRAM.

With the work of Guillem Sarriá “Neodymium extraction” starts LABi SHOWCASE. The SHOWCASE allows the contemplation of the exposed pieces uninterrupted 24 hours a day, regardless of the opening and closing times of La Posta. The showcase never sleeps, its objective is on the one hand to serve as a prologue to the space core, located in the CUBO, showing the outside, without any interruption, the ideology of LABi through the exhibition of projects with a great visual power.

In a tutorial tone, the video that is displayed in the SHOWCASE shows how to extract a magnet and render possible residual information from the memory unit. The operation of the unit is based on the magnetism of the magnets to store the information on the disc tracks. This extraction process aims at the annulment of the unit and is posed as an iconoclastic act that seeks to separate at different levels: storage unit, information and data.

Extracción de neodimio, Guillem Sarriá