The Inverted Classroom. Pedagogical strategies and artistic practices from sexual diversity

Under the International Congress on Arts Education and Sexual Diversity (EDADIS), Valencia, November, 13 – 14, 2014, Faculty of  Teacher Training, University of Valencia

EDADIS. Congreso Internacional de Educación Artística y Diversidad Sexual


Facultat de Magisteri, Universitat de València



A project FIDEX Research Group (University Miguel Hernández, Altea), produced by EDADIS and hosted by La Posta Foundation at its seat in Calle Pintor Fillol, 2, Valencia.

Grupo de Investigación FIDEX

On the occasion of the International Congress on Arts Education and Sexual Diversity (EDADIS) to be held on November, 13 – 14, in the Faculty of  Teacher Training at the University of Valencia, and in order to provide a plural reflection that deepens the relationship between artistic pedagogy and sexual diversity, FIDEX Research Group (Figures of Excess and Body Policy) will transform the exhibition hall of La Posta Foundation in an inverted classroom, a space for debate on the trinomial sex, gender and sexuality beyond dichotomous heteronormative conventions.

The INVERTED CLASSROOM. Pedagogical strategies and artistic practices from sexual diversity is an exhibition project consists of a set of work done specifically for the occasion by artists, researchers and teachers that make FIDEX (UMH). The creative process of the group will depart from the practice of research, their teaching experience and attention to sexual diversity (seen all from a thematic, formal, procedural and attitudinal view) and will be realized in plastic work (specific and unpublished) through techniques such as drawing, video, photography, pouring and construction. The various works will be made under an experimental, interdisciplinary and contemporary approach.

Furthermore, because of their relevance to the theme of the Congress and the research group, will accommodate FIDEX own creative process within the exhibition format. This will direct your attention to the process of creating documentation and realization of works, by making images that capture both the technical procedures and material resources (illustration, painting, molding, casting, photography, video, etc.) the concepts addressed in an educational way.

The exhibition of the works in The Inverted Classroom in La Posta Foundation arises because as a complementary activity and contemporary EDADIS Congress, sharing it with similar objectives. Editing a research publication is also contemplated with widespread distribution that includes the results of the sample.


1. Analyze the socio-political structures of heteronormative sexual identities, to find and unmask its repressive strategies through other artistic representations that illustrate different sexualities and/or subversive.

2. Joining different methodological disciplines such as sociology, feminism, politics, queer theory, etc., to analyze different historical and/or contemporary art events and insight into the mechanisms of the trinomial sex-gender-sexuality, and their correlations and watertight definitions preset.

3. Research and development of technologies for the creation and artistic embodiment in relation to the proposals discussed and convert not only visual art, but also in reference material serving secondary students, High School Art, Grades and Masters of Fine Arts, specialized researchers, and the general public.

4. Transforming the exhibition hall of the La Posta Foundation (Valencia) in a space for reflection and teaching in an inverted classroom.

5. To study the impact of this artistic project pedagogical research in both viewers and media and social networks, considering the exhibition as a catalyst for artistic creation and generating debates and opinion.

FIDEX members:

Daniel Tejero Olivares (DIRECTOR), Carmen G. Muriana y Tatiana Sentamans (O.R.G.I.A), Juan Francisco Martínez Gómez de Albacete, Imma Mengual, Javi Moreno, Raquel Puerta Varó, Lourdes Santamaría Blasco, David Vila y Mª José Zanón Cuenca.

The complete list of works on display is:

  • - Daniel Tejero: “perro [Alt] I” and “perro [Alt] II”, 2014
  • - O.R.G.I.A.: “Egiptian Fist. Review of the open lotus”, serie MNH, 2014.
  • - Juan Francisco Martínez Gómez de Albacete: “Not all bodies measure 7 1/2 heads”, 2014.
  • - Inma Mengual: “Borderline”, 2014.
  • - Javi Moreno: “<tumblr_n5inttbDtb1tqu73fo1_500.jpg>”, 2014.
  • - Raquel Puerta: “RAE (Reality/Absence/Mirage)”, 2014.
  • - Lourdes Santamaría: “Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Hirschfeld”, “Anatomy Peep Show”, “When Alice broke the mirror”, “X-ray of fetishism # Escoptophilia”, “Torment and Ecstasy”, “What is wrong with me, Dr. Freud?”, “From Hell” and “20,000 leagues travel to the subconscious”, 2014.
  • - David Vila: “Ass or Elbow”, 2014.
  • - Mª José Zanón: “Lilith”, 2014.

FtM transsexuality in “The Inverted Classroom” in La Posta Foundation

La Posta Foundation publishes the book-catalog of the exhibition “The Inverted Classroom. Pedagogical Strategies and Artistic Practices from Sexual Diversity”