Nihil Obstat

Around the image of Moroccan culture, virtually find a single existing file: A folklorizante construction, which travels of Orientalism to the indigenization, constructs persistent in contemporary mass media actively settle these creations and recreations of aesthetic colonialism.

The photographic work of Lamia Mohacht does not directly facing that single file, visible face of the continuity of the colonial in neocolonial. Not yours a strategy of direct confrontation. To transform in action the construction of sensibility and sense, their work made in present a new sensitive file. In the neatness and clarity of his photographs (clean of context, background and local references), emancipated images of single women of Morocco, whose serialization and community allows the legitimization of a collective sensibility emerge actively invisibilized. With these new images to a question posed by the relationship photographer-photographed, the emergence of a new “sense sensuality (Nancy) as positive decolonization of existential file itself is results.

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Files in Fugue (intro)

Nihil Obstat. The Exhibition