A g a i n s t


Organized by LABi, an event in Pop-Up format where the project "Against" by Miguel A. Sislian Suez will be shown (project in process with Ruben Quintanilla Lahiguera collaboration).

Emerging Work Shops


During this spring, between March 24 and May 4, in La Posta Foundation - Image Research Center, up to 4 workshops that coincide in that they have deserved the support of the program Emerging - Strategy of Social Innovation in the Territory of the University of Valencia - Vice-rectorate of Culture and Equality, in collaboration with the City Council of Valencia - Youth Council.

Cyanotype Workshop


On Saturday, March 24, at 11 am, organized by the LABi team, under the EMERGENTS program of the University of Valencia with the collaboration of the City Council, the Cyanotype Workshop by Silvia Giménez.

Resist to exist: women in the professional field


(VAL) El proper dissabte 10 de març a les 12:00h tindrà lloc la trobada "Resistir per a existir: la dona en l'àmbit professional", organitzat per Labi 02 (Laboratori de pensament, creació i difusió de la imatge), un projecte del Màster en Fotografia, Art i Tècnica de la UPV en col·laboració amb la Fundació la Posta.

Woman Being


This weekend, on the occasion of International Women's Day, in the La Posta Showcase "The Woman Being".

Bodies in Fight


Within the section Reflection Spaces of FICAE International Short Film and Art Festival on Diseases, with the format CONVERSA(C)TIONS, the case of the BODIES IN FIGHT workshop. Participate in the presentation Anaïs Florin and Eva Fernández.

The Worst Picture


We investigate the photographic failure, that error raised to the maximum power, the disaster must be such, as to be considered your worst photograph.

Workshop “Color Tuning”


On Sunday, February 4 at 11:00 h "Color Tuning" workshop, oriented to work openly way with the community through the methodology created by Arno Stern, with the intention of creating spaces for the free expression of the individual and promoting the playful creation through painting.

Cineforum: The transformed space


From the Buddhist territories to the Paris of the 20s, this selection is an articulation around the landscape and what it entails: suffering, revolt, disappearance, loneliness...

Pocket Chronicles by Carlos Maiques


I have always seemed to see Carlos Maiques as an authentic bearer of a gift, although I will insist on the possibility that, in addition, he strives to offer another; this maybe yes, linked to a certain exchange. The first gift refers to the ability to see and do beyond expectations. The possibility of stopping in a very specific space, delimited and parceled paper, the essence of a specific situation.