Urko Gato in La Posta


Urko's ability to represent their personal experiences through songs, videos, performances, images and other models of artistic creations, fits perfectly with the defense of art as a field of action for social improvement, something advocated here.

The Trans Visibility in History. Conference


As part of the exhibition of a large sample of work "Museari: Aesthetics of Sexual Diversity" at the headquarters of La Posta Foundation, the conference Germán Navarro Espinach "The Trans Visibility in History" will take place on June 23 20:00. The itineraries of some trans people in history and certain related fusion of humans with other animals myths begin from the remotest antiquity time when a unique genre was the expression of perfection.

Politics(policies) of a cinema (to come)

Cinema to Come

In the fourth edition of CINEMA TO COME held in February and March 2016, they were raised in the Image Section a series of three dialogues at two levels: dialogues between current films and films from the filmic modernity, and dialogues between guests filmmakers and people from other disciplinary fields. All films chosen are highly political character, which a dialogic practice with political processes as linchpin was established. In addition, guests filmmakers they underwent a series of filmed interview in which he talked mainly about politics in contemporary cinema.

Workshop “Assertions and contradictions in participatory processes”


Saturday, May 9 in La Posta Foundation, second day of theoretical and practical workshop "Assertions and contradictions in participatory processes" in which the foundations, doubts and contradictions of such participation is addressed as conceived and applied at present.

Seminar on Processual Cinema

Processual Cinema

From a movie that Miguel Ángel Baixauli being done with Miguel Morey, called Seeing is not talking, at this seminar we will make a public exhibition experience this film process. In the first session Miguel Morey give a talk which will be filmed for inclusion in the film, and the next day Miguel Ángel Baixauli and María José Martínez de Pisón will present the theoretical framework of "processual cinema" and the practical arrangements that are being put in work in this collaboration.

Processual Cinema

Processual Cinema

Inside the plan of activities of the La Posta Foundation is presented as one of the gifted paragraphs own uniqueness, relating to Processual Cinema. Given their special characteristics, may be conducted on certain dates within the schedule of activities and exhibitions in La Posta Foundation, or you can traversing all programming, not only in terms of timing but also in content.