Questioning / Variations on the plan

We continue with the series “Silence” developed by Norberto Llopis Segarra in collaboration with Miguel Ángel Baixauli and La Posta Foundation, now with the participation of Paula Valero Comín, within the framework of “Variations on the plane” curated by Juan Luis Toboso and Angela Montesinos, from the IVAM Produce programming line.


Writing workshop: January 3, from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. / Action: January 4 at 6:30 p.m.

The workshop consists of asking us the important questions, those that move your floor, and shake them dancing them with that music that unleashes you (the one that doesn’t let you sit). It is to live a kind of exorcism where enjoyment, share the most delicate questions to shake the drama and turn them into a power to share: about what we want, what life we lead and what we are going through. The proposal/action is to put into question through a staging the doubts/questions launched in the first part of the workshop to place them in one place: give them an existence. To ask questions about what we want, what life we live and go through, is something that can be very effective in common: a questioning.

Paula Valero is a multidisciplinary artist with a practice that extends from personal proposals with various media (drawing, videos, installations) to practices of action management and procedural devices with communities, activists, performers, dancers, etc. It uses diverse own methodologies such as: affective psychogeographies, biotopographies and experimental ethnographies; to put them, among other issues, life on stage. His artistic training in Fine Arts is carried out in different cities: Valencia (BBAA, UPV), Paris (ENSBA) and set design in Buenos Aires (UBA, La Plata). In 2017 he holds a doctorate on ways of putting into action in Fine Arts, Polytechnic University of Valencia. My interest in different disciplines such as sociology, ethnography along with scenic and visual practices or activism, have led me to experience the cross between all of them, a dialogue between a multidisciplinarity in a nomadism for stays in different countries, the which has a correspondence with the usual displacements in my artistic work that I do when putting life on stage. More information here.

Under the title of IVAM produces, the Valencian Institute of Modern Art has launched a project that will promote the production of works by different artists. This line of action is set up with the intention that the museum is not limited to exhibiting exhibitions, but that it generates new artistic production, in addition to valuing site specific projects. This line of artistic performance began in February 2015 with the exhibition Francesc Ruiz. The eses in the gallery 6 [which coincided with the work of Be Andr “Disruption (Go Ogle Me)” in La Posta], a line of action now extends through the Carmen neighborhood.


Like a snake looking to climb the wall