Museari Queer Art

“Museari Queer Art” is an art show that offers us a diverse panorama both as regards the artists and the techniques used. A multifaceted perspective of what the exhibition activity has been during the third season of exhibitions at “Museari. Imaginary Museum”

The exhibition has a piece by each artist that has been exhibited in the online environment “Museari” from June 2017 to July 2018:

Mar C. Llop
Andrea Perissinotto
Mar Morón
Alex Francés
Sara Colaone
Gledys Macías
Lucía Marrades
Emilio Martí
Javier Velasco
Lluís Masià
Anna Maria Staiano
Angel Garcus

A series of activities has been organized around the exhibition:

1. Wednesday, June 13, at 8:00 pm: Inauguration of the exhibition at La Posta Foundation (Pintor Fillol, 2, Valencia)
2. Tuesday, June 19, at 8:00 pm: Guided visit to the exhibition for the Lambda Collective and other associations.
3. Wednesday, June 27, at 8:00 pm: Talk with LGBT educators and activists.
4. Wednesday, July 11, at 8:00 pm: Talk with LGBT artists and journalists.
5. Tuesday, July 17, at 8:00 pm: Celebration of the third anniversary of Museari. Farewell Party with performances and delivery of the MUSEARI 2018 Awards.

The award-winning Museari 2018 are:

Jordi Petit
Ana Navarrete
Magazine “The eyes of Hypatia”
Ángel Pueyo Campos

Within the framework of Mostra la Ploma, International Film and Culture Festival for Sexual, Gender and Family Diversity. With the collaboration of Lambda, collective LGTB.