Presentation of Apology/Anthology (HAMACA)

La Posta Foundation presents the video collection Apology/Anthology, an initiative of the Hamaca distributor, with the collaboration of Cameo, the University of the Basque Country, Tabakalera San Sebastian and Spanish Cultural Action. On Friday, May 26 at 8:00 p.m. With the presence of the director of Hamaca Eli Lloveras.

This project began more than four years ago, starting with the archive of HAMACA and other previously unreleased pieces that have been recovered, given the need to make the materials that make up audiovisual artistic production in Spain during the last fifty years accessible and legible. All this with the aim of multiplying readings of works and proposing possible sets in the context of contemporary audiovisual, but also in dialogue with the general context of art and the cultural and social context.

The works selected for this presentation are: Look at the tree (2009), by Fernando Baños, 7′; Parany (1990), by Jaume Subirana/Gringos, 7’35”; And The Interior Memory (2002), by María Ruido, 32’40”. All of them make up one of the possible routes through compilation, certainly in the limits of the categories that organize it (conceptual, dismantling and appropriation, political and social, gender identity, sexual orientation and body policies) seeking the areas of intersection with the field of film essay or creative documentary film. The resulting route has been characterized by repairing works that deepen the uprooting and the art of memory.

The television program METRÓPOLIS devoted a year and a half a monograph to Apology/Anthology, on the occasion of the publication of the compilation on DVD. It is the audiovisual that can be seen above ―in English subtitled in English―.


Transit in the limits by the routes of Apology/Anthology (HAMACA)