Feminist Plots

La Posta Foundation has the honor of presenting Feminist Plots, a production of LABi, a group of students of the Master in Photography, Art and Technique of the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

Feminist Plots seeks to generate reflection on various textile art proposals from women artists and/or artisans, for which it brings together pieces by the creators Teresa Lanceta, Bia Sants, Miriam Martínez Guirao, the collective artistic project CraftCabanyal, Anabel Mateo and Jessica Espinoza.

In Feminist Plots we gather works of women artists and creators who spin stories with needles, fibers and fabrics, both at a technical and symbolic level, which tell us experiences from the private and intimate, such as healing, restraint, home, to expand to the public and the need to relate to nature and network with other people through collective sewing processes.

In a complementary way to the exhibition, Eva Viera’s ephemeral installation Enquire Project is proposed on the exterior walls of La Posta Foundation. It is a series of photographic portraits of women that contrasts with the stereotyped representations of the feminine.



Feminist Plots. Curatorial text

Feminist plots. Parallel activities

Feminist Video and Interventions

Textile art in Indonesia. Ima Novilasari